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We can quickly arrange Car finance for you with one of the best,well known finance companies direct with a package tailored to your individual needs.


Please complete the finance enquiry form below and complete as best possible, all required boxes and once we have the form submitted to us via the send button we will start the proposal process for you and contact you at the earliest opportunity with an *acceptance and any figures/calculations relating to your application.

Prime Motor Sales are a broker not a lender and may receive a commission for the introduction of you to a finance company.

*all finance subject to an individuals status and acceptance.

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That you give PRIME MOTOR SALES your consent as required by the GDPR 2018 guidelines to use the information that you have provided on this form to be shared with Finance companies for the purpose of considering this credit application. Finance companies may use this information to carry out searches with credit reference agencies. A record of these searches will be kept and may be used by other lenders in assessing applications from you and members of your household for credit in the future. Lenders will cross-check this information with other lenders to prevent fraud. A finance company may contact you regarding your enquiry. A record of how your personal details have been used/shared/stored or deleted can be requested in writing from PRIME MOTOR SALES and be delivered to you within 1 month as is required by GDPR 2018. GDPR 2018 rules and regulations apply at all times. Proposals are based on the information given on this form and amounts in final figures may be subject to change.

In considering your enquiry we may search your record at a credit reference agency. They may add to your record details of our search and your enquiry and this will be seen by other organisations carrying out later searches. It is important that you give us accurate information. We may check your details with fraud prevention agencies and if you give us false or inaccurate information and we suspect fraud we will record this. We and other organisations may use and search these records to help make decisions about credit and credit related services, for you and members of your household; trace debtors, recover debt, prevent fraud, and to arrange your accounts or insurance policies; check your identity to prevent money laundering unless your furnish us with other satisfactory proof of identity. You have a right, on payment of fee, to receive a copy of the information we hold about you if you wish to apply to us in writing. We may pass on your details to other companies to send information about the product.

Prime Motor Sales are a broker not a lender and may receive a commission for the introduction of you to a finance.

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